You’ve found the website of Prof. Tom Laughlin
of Middlesex Community College in Massachusetts.
Here you’ll find course materials for the courses
I am currently teaching, as well as helpful links.

My Office: Henderson Hall, Room 101
Middlesex Community College
591 Springs Road
Bedford, MA 01730
Email: laughlint@middlesex.mass.edu
Ph: (781) 280-3200 ext. 3839
Summer 2023 Office Hours:
Times by appointment. Please email me to arrange a meeting.

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(Note: This website was originally created in the Fall 2015.  The extensive MCC official website and course pages that I had developed and maintained for many years prior to that at MCC are no longer available due to a discontinuance of the web design software program by an external software company used by MCC prior to 2015. For earlier course materials & resources for Basic Writing, English Fundamentals, etc., please contact me directly.)